International Marketing


Marketing StrategyFindBazaar assists with developing your business through diversification and expansion, providing you with an increased business base and stability.

  • Exporter Situation Analysis
  • Export Product Analysis, Positioning 
  • Developing Product and Market formulas
  • Marketing Strategies and Skills
  • Prospecting new clients and securing accounts
  • Retention and expansion of high quality trustable customers
  • Valuable selling strategies
  • Contracting and Negotiations


Market Research & AnalysisFindbazaar’s extensive foreign market research will help your company to achieve attractive long term sales volume with less upfront costs.

Market Research Includes;

  • Definition of the best potential customers, sales channels, and sales leads
  • Selection of the best agents and distributors
  • Determining the potential sales volume of the foreign market
  • Pinpointing key entry points and niches in the target market
  • Analysis of the product
  • Analysis of current competition in the target market
  • Devising effective strategies for maximum market share and profitability
  • Analysis of current and potential political and economic climate
  • Identifying duties, tariffs, regulations and other trade restraints



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